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President's Message

Shigeo Yamashita
President and Representative Director

President and Representative Director
Takaaki Okano

Since it was founded in 1960, Shimachu has steadily and consistently worked to provide furniture and home-related products, and despite many difficulties has succeeded in reaching its 60th term. This is thanks to the generous support and cooperation of all our stakeholders, including our shareholders and many customers and partners, and for this I am deeply grateful.

In recent years the retail business has been facing a decreasing birthrate and an ageing society as well as increasingly fierce inter-industry sales competition, and the environment that the company finds itself in is becoming increasingly harsh. It is against this backdrop that we have continued to make effort each and every day to provide as much convenience as possible to customers in the areas in which our stores are located, and to become a store that has everything people want and are thus glad to have nearby or want to visit if it’s not nearby.

Furthermore, as the spread of the Internet has created an environment in which it is possible for people to obtain what they want without leaving their home, we at Shimachu shall make efforts not only to provide goods but also to improve our product lineup and customer service skills based on a desire to provide to customers with a space in which they can enjoy the excitement of making new discoveries coming across new things whenever they visit a Shimachu store.

We believe that in order to ensure customer satisfaction, it is very important for employees to work with vibrancy and develop, so we shall continue to improve our working environment and build the kind of store that our customers need.