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Creating stores that are preferred by customers of local regions as home supercenters that offer anything related to home and living

Shimachu aims to provide greater convenience by combining home centers and furniture stores.

We establish home supercenters that offer anything related to home and living. So that these stores are preferred by customers of local regions, we combine home centers that have customer-drawing power with furniture departments.
It is not that often when people buy medium and high quality furniture during their lives.
Most people will only visit a furniture shop when they are at certain junctures in life such as when beginning school, leaving home, getting married, moving house or buying a house.
In other words, a key determinant in generating sales at a furniture department is to provide a store that customers find convenient to visit.
This is why at Shimachu our basic floor layout is in the style of establishing the Home Center Department that customers frequently visit on the first floor and positioning the Furniture and Interior Department on the second floor. Another important point is to provide a broad-ranging merchandize assortment.
While ensuring that all the various needs of customers are catered for, Shimachu aims to expand and enhance sales opportunities by providing various life plans. Through offering such life plans, we not only cater for customers who have already made a clear decision that they wish to purchase furniture, but also ensure we establish routes by which customers with unrealized furniture purchasing needs can casually enter the store. By combining home centers with furniture stores, we can create flow routes inside our stores that customers naturally follow.
When customers regularly visit Shimachu home centers to do their shopping, they become familiar with the furniture sales area on the second floor. This leads customers to make Shimachu a first option when they decide to purchase furniture.
There is also a synergistic effect from furniture related purchases that leads to a boost in Shimachu's net sales.

Shimachu will ensure meticulous response to customers' needs through store-specific responses.

When it comes to the purchasing of products, Shimachu's Products Division, which is located at the headquarters, provides instructions to purchase specific products from a range of products based on sophisticated trend forecasts. However, the headquarters' efforts only show the overall direction of such trends.
In order to ensure our stores are loved by the local customers, we give thorough attention to store-specific responses.
This is based on the belief that if the headquarters were to control all product development, it would not be possible to create stores that flexibly and speedily reflect the needs of the local market.
Accordingly, in addition to having overall abundant merchandize assortment and pricing competitiveness through the purchasing of the Products Division, Shimachu also allows various original measures to be carried out by each store such as giving the individuals in charge of sales the authority to exercise considerable discretion.
The employees who actually work at the stores select products based on customer feedback and the original characteristics of a store, and while giving consideration to seasonal characteristics, they create a fresh retail space that is suited to the needs of the customers of the locality.
For example, while maintaining close dialog with the store manager and the MD (merchandizer = individual in charge of purchasing at the headquarters), a person in charge of sales can exercise discretion including the selection of which products to purchase and even the method of display in the retail space.
The employees and staffs involved in customer service and sales at each store are able to perceive the retail space that they are in control of as being "their own store," allowing them to enjoy creating sales spaces that bring joy to customers.
Shimachu's store-specific responses also serve to bring out creativity and generate motivation among employees.

Home Center Department

As customers' lifestyle expectations increase, we aim to provide home supercenters with a rich merchandize assortment.

Shimachu's Home Center Department was started in 1978 and it was created to fulfill the expanding lifestyle expectations of society.
Since then, the department has steadily grown as we have striven to provide refinement and richness to our local customers' lives.
Today, home centers are expected to provide an abundant merchandize assortment at affordable prices. By placing effort into advanced trend forecasting and merchandizing, Shimachu provides at any one time a merchandize assortment of more than 80,000 products suited to the season and the trends.
Furthermore, by enhancing the range of merchandize in areas such as garden items and large cabinets that traditionally create inefficient selling space, we aim to differentiate our stores from our competitors. We also place utmost efforts in optimizing efficiency so that we can provide reasonable prices.
The orderly arrangement of our store space is a key feature of Shimachu's. By creating displays that have been designed to provide sufficient room around them, customers never feel claustrophobic or that they are navigating a maze.
While the stores are self-service, our sales staff engage with customers appropriately and politely to ensure customers' feel comfortable.
Believing in the ongoing pursuit of customer satisfaction, the Shimachu's Home Center Department continues to constantly evolve.

Furniture and Interior Department

The Furniture and Interior Department does more than sell furniture. It concentrates its energies on proposing lifestyles that enrich customers' lives.

Ever since originating as SHIMAMURA CABINET FACTORY as a maker of paulownia cabinet furniture, Shimachu has been proud that it handles furniture that is a centerpiece to domestic culture. Over that time, Shimachu has withstood the test of time and changes to the economic environment and has continued to supply products of the highest quality that customers desire.
Today's society abounds with goods. Customers expect great things from Shimachu because it has never lost the high standards toward workmanship that Shimachu has held precious since it was a furniture maker.
Our stores offer merchandize ranging considerably in broad price range to suit all of our customers' lifestyles. Rather than focusing simply on selling furniture, our sales staff focus their effort on proposing lifestyles.
Our sales staff considers the room environment where the furniture will rest, customer tastes, family composition, and even lifestyle patterns in order to make proposals aimed at the realization of more enhanced lifestyles.
To pursue customer satisfaction from various angles and create new value is the mission of the Furniture and Interior Department.